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Hollywood Tech.... Cool Phones In Movies !!!

Yes we love our tech, and we love our movies as well. Often times the theme of some pretty decent Hollywood movies revolves around technology. How Hollywood chooses to twist it, is however totally up to them. You can have the super futuristic movies like Star Trek and then you can have somewhat believable movies like Swordfish both revolving around one or the other level of technology.

One thing that Hollywood really deserves credit for is subtly integrating technology and gadgets into many of their movies. Some of these gadgets go unnoticed while others become the talk of the town. I’ve watched my fair share of movies and I decided that a list of such gadgets is in order. I could only recall few, but you are more than welcome to add to the list as you please. This ladies and gentlemen is about super cool and highly desirable cell phones used in Hollywood movies.

The disclaimer here is that although some of these phones or variants of some of these phones are available in the market, this post if more for entertainment purposes only where you can enjoy the creativity that cell phone manufacturers and Hollywood film makers alike inject into their movies.

James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies

I had to start off with this phone. Supposedly built by Ericsson before it was Sony Ericsson and modified by the British Secret Service, this phone had the awesome capability to remotely drive James Bond’s BMW 7 Series through raging gun fire.

The Matrix Reloaded

Samsung made this special prototype phone specifically for the movie where Neo and his gang pop it open to communicate with the mother ship in the real world. Just saying this sentence makes it seem like a handful. The phone actually made it into a very limited production but didn’t see much success because of its bulkiness, lack of options and high price tag.

Transporter 2

Jason Statham the super cool getaway driver has a couple of these gorgeous babies in the dashboard of his car in the movie. This was an actual production phone that fell into the same exquisite category of expensive phones along the lines of the Nokia 8800 series. It was called the 8910 and had monochrome and colored screen variants.


Ok, this one was really far from what the truth could be. Male Supermodel Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) rocks this super tiny cell phone that is not much bigger than a thumbnail. God only knows how dials calls with this little (and I do mean little) baby.

Get Smart

This movie had two variants and so did the phone, but is perhaps one of the most recalled spy phones in the history of Hollywood. The phone that secret agent Smart has is housed in the sole of his shoe, further giving a comical touch to the already funny movie. Needless to say, the phone never was put into production.

Batman Begins

The phone used in the movie is perhaps just about as cool as the movie itself. How do I know? Well the phone was put into production, sold more than a million units and was also used by yours truly for quite a while. The phone is a Nokia 5800 and I stand behind the fact that it is a great phone overall although the real phone didn’t house the uber-cool sonar system that Batman’s phone has.

The phone was a Nokia 6600. It was a decent phone in its time but why does it deserve a mention in this post? Well as it stands pretty much the whole movie revolves around the phone and in the end it happens to sacrifice itself while saving the life of a kidnapped poor women.

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